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Small Animal CPD

Small Animal CPD


Advanced Imaging and Ultrasonography in Practice


In association with BCF Technology Ltd.




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19/10/201719/10/2017£315.00[Read More]
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Current Concepts in Gastroenterology


Gastrointestinal disease is a common presenting complaint in companion animal medicine, and can present a major challenge to the clinician. Often textbook information regarding diagnosis and treatment is generic, and is difficult to tailor to the specific case.


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20/06/201720/06/2017£315.00[Read More]

Diagnosis in Cardiorespiratory Cases



This course will focus on the interpretation of diagnostic imaging results (especially thoracic radiography) as a vital part of the assessment of a patient presenting with possible signs of respiratory or cardiac disease.



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25/05/201725/05/2017£315.00[Read More]

Diagnostics in Oncology and Practical Oncologic Cytology


During this one-day workshop, the diagnostic and therapeutic approach to oncology cases will be discussed using seminars, case-based examples, and a practical session. 



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08/12/201708/12/2017£315.00[Read More]

Echocardiology Practical



Join us for this popular Echocardiology Practical course, sponsored by BCF Technology.




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26/05/201726/05/2017£315.00[Read More]
Imaging Orthopaedic

Imaging Orthopaedic Disease


This workshop will cover practical film reading of challenging orthopaedic cases alongside focusing on advanced imagining of orthopaedic disease.


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13/07/201713/07/2017£315.00[Read More]

Interpreting Thoracic and Abdominal Radiographs - NOV17


Join us for a day of learning and fun as we review methods for interpreting thoracic and abdominal radiographs.



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14/11/201714/11/2017£315.00[Read More]
Perineal Hernia

Perineal Hernia


In this workshop we will cover all aspects of perineal hernia in the dog.



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27/09/201727/09/2017£315.00[Read More]

Plates and Screws 1


Do you wish you could manage simple fractures but lack the confidence to do so? This workshop will help guide you through the theory and practical aspects of using plates and screws to repair the more commonly encountered fractures in small animal practice.

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03/10/201703/10/2017£315.00[Read More]
Plates 2

Plates and Screws 2/Arthrodesis


Do you routinely use plates and screws for basic fracture management but feel you could do more? This workshop is suitable for more experienced delegates, or those who have already attended the 'Plates & Screws 1' workshop.



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02/11/201702/11/2017£315.00[Read More]

Practical Otitis Workshop: Alleviating the Irritation of Recurrent Otitis


This workshop focuses on the approach to investigation and management of recurrent otitis.



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06/07/201706/07/2017£315.00[Read More]

Practical Skills in a Critical Care Environment


Join us for this essential critical care workshop that will provide both theoretical and practical sessions.



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26/09/201726/09/2017£315.00[Read More]
Stifle Surgery

Stifle Surgery


This course is aimed at those delegates who have a basic general level of competence in surgery but who wish to develop their orthopaedic skills.



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31/05/201731/05/2017£315.00[Read More]