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Macramé at Ness

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Macramé coaster

Saturday 14 September

Macramé : the art of knotting cord / string in patterns to make decorative items.  

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Over the weeks at Ness Botanic Gardens, we will be providing a series of workshops where you can experiment, learn some basic techniques and hopefully be inspired to further explore your creativity whilst making artistic and functional itemsEach workshop will be standalone with no previous experience required, but repeat attendance will help you build skills and confidence and start exploring your own ideas going forwardThis is suitable for experienced crafters or beginners.   We aim to provide a relaxed environment where we can switch off from the demands of everyday life and lose ourselves in structured creativity for a while alongside likeminded people. 


Saturday 13 July 10.00-12.30 

Macramé  coasters:  Macrame coasters are both pretty and functional.  They not only protect surfaces but also add a touch of charm to your home décor.  We will make a simple round coaster with a cork backing.  You choose your colours and make them your own.  During the session, you will make one, or two; if you don’t finish the second one in the session, you can take the materials with you to finish off at home.  Macramé coasters are a fabulous way to practice your knot skills and create functional art. 


Saturday 10 August 10.00-12.30 

Macramé key fobs:  In this session, you’ll be introduced to the ‘square knot’ and we will make another functional piece of art – a macrame key fob.  This workshop is perfectly timed so that you can follow on at home and make your friends and family a key fob for their Christmas stockings.  A perfect functional piece of your creativity which friends and family can carry around, reminding them of you every time they use their keys.  


Saturday 14th September 10.00-13.00 

Macramé pot holders:    In this workshop we will go for the iconic 70’s pot holder.  Using the ‘half sinnet’ and ‘square knot’, we will again combine art and functionality and you will take home a pot holder suitable to display your house or patio plants.   If you have a pot in mind for it, bring it along so you can coordinate colours and make it the right size.  Aim for a small / medium pot that’s not too heavy – remember that whatever you are going to hang it from must be able to bear the weight as well as the soil and plant that will be in it.  


Saturday 12 October: 10.00-12.00  

Autumn Leaves:  

Bring a little autumn colour into your home as we make leaves based on the macrame feathers.  The perfect project for macrame beginners - pretty and so easy to make that you’ll just want to keep on making.  We will learn how to make a single feather, which in itself can be a lovely decoration – bring along a piece of drift wood or a twig from your favourite woods to hang it on.  This will have you thinking about the endless possibilities for decorations at home – why not make a series to use as bunting,  or experiment with different shapes.  Let your imagination free on this one!   


Saturday 9 November: 10.00-12.00 

It’s Christmas: 

Well maybe not quite yet, but by November many of us will be well into the preparationsWhy not step away from the commercialism and enjoy this 3 hr workshop creating your own  Christmas themed macrame items which can be unique decorations for your home or gifts for friends:  

The Christmas tree is made in the same way as the macrame feathers and can be used in a variety of ways - tree decorations, Christmas bunting, Christmas cards for the special people in your life.  

We’ll also learn to make quirky gonk decorations which can be varied according to colour to create Santa or his little helpers.  

Simple but effective in making Christmas a little more personalised. 

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Saturday 14 September