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Renal Transplant, Immunology and Vasculitis


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Renal Transplant, Immunology and Vasculitis

There is an aging population, with a resultant increasing incidence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and therefore a rising demand for Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT). Affected patients require regular and careful monitoring by an appropriate and skilled clinician to effect a safe and effective management plan.

This module will address the management of patients undergoing renal transplantation. Additionally, it will cover the assessment/monitoring of patients during post-transplant follow up and the management of complications

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6th September 2016 – 6th April 2017

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Shahed Ahmed

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This module has been specifically developed for healthcare professionals who care for patients requiring RRT. Specifically it is aimed at medical staff (nephrologists and transplant surgeons), but is also suitable for the wider non-medical multidisciplinary team who care for these patients in the primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare settings.

This is a 15 credit/level 7 module which covers the scientific principles, modalities and application of RRT in humans in a variety of healthcare settings.