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Managing the Risks Associated with Organisational Accidents and Incidents in Healthcare (Jan 2018)


Course Information


The module will be delivered using a blended approach with 3 face to face contact days (two at the Simulation Centre, University Hospital Aintree and one at the University main campus in Liverpool), supported by facilitated online learning over a 15 week period. There are two assessment elements, both to be submitted at the end of the 'teaching period'.

Emphasis will be placed upon the development of effective problem solving strategies utilising ‘best evidence’, experiential learning using high fidelity simulation, enquiry based learning and reflective practice.

Course Code

MDSC718 - January 2018

Course Dates

18th January 2018 – 17th May 2018

Course Leader

Jeff Goulding

Course Fee

Course Description

All teaching and learning will be supported through the electronic environment including the use of video clips, podcasts and discussion boards. High fidelity simulation allows for active learning, competency demonstration and individualised education within the constantly evolving field of healthcare. It provides opportunity for a learner centred experience in an environment which is free of risk for patients, but at the same time allows for team development opportunities.

Identifying and reporting accidents and incidents, and implementing change, based on thorough investigations, is a critical aspect of modern healthcare and patient safety. This module will follow a journey of managing risk across three key phases:

1) identifying and reporting risks/accidents/incidents;

2) Investigating incidents; 

3) Focussing on the lessons learned in relation to changing practice and culture.

 It is suitable for those individuals involved in the routine identification, investigation, evaluation and action planning in relation to accidents and incidents in healthcare organisations.