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Foundations of Clinical Appraisal of Images of the appendicular skeleton - 18th May

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Course Information

Brownlow Hill

Aims of the course

The course will introduce the student to the terminology and key concepts used to describe the structure and function of the appendicular skeleton.  It will examine the microscopic and macroscopic anatomy, physiology and common trauma/pathologies associated with the musculoskeletal system.


Learning outcomes

On completion students  will be able to:

1.       Demonstrate the correct use of terminology related to anatomical positions, directional movement, regions and planes of the body.

2.       Describe the anatomy, physiology and pathology of specific areas of the appendicular skeleton (shoulder girdle, hand and wrist, forearm, foot, ankle, knee), naming and recognizing the significance of common pathology associated with each system.

3.    Describe the effects of radiation on the cell and the possible manifestations on the body as a whole.

4.    Safely request an X-ray examination of the appendicular skeleton with full consideration of radiation protection and IRMER

5.       Understand the radiographic projections required to image the hand and wrist, forearm, and foot, ankle, lower leg,

6.       Evaluate the technical quality of radiographic-images of the appendicular skeleton.

6.       Describe normal radiographic appearances, mechanisms of injury and recognise common fractures and pathology of the appendicular skeleton

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Course Date

18th May 2017

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Course Fee

Course Description


·         Pre exam/appraisal check

·         Structured image appraisal (CASTs)

·           Confounding appearances (pathology, previous fractures)

·         Satisfaction of search principles

·         Gross anatomy of the upper and lower limb

·         Planes and regions

·         Fundamentals of anatomical terminology

·         The effect of radiation on the cell and the body as a whole

·         Anatomy, physiology and common pathologies associated with the appendicular skeletal system

·         Normal radiographic appearances, anatomy and common pathology of the following regions: hand and wrist, forearm, foot, ankle, lower leg.

·         Common mechanisms of injury.

·         Radiation protection associated with radiography of the appendicular skeleton