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Official Academic Transcripts/Diploma Supplements (11+ copies)

Official Academic Transcripts/Diploma Supplements (11+ copies)


A transcript is your academic history. It lists the titles and marks of the modules you studied in each academic year. It gives your period of registration as a student, your degree date and classification. You may need your transcript for employment, further education or emigration purposes; they are prepared on bespoke transcript paper and are issued by the University of Liverpool.

It is not possible for students to request additional information to be included on their transcript eg) syllabus – this is because a transcript is a University published document that conforms to the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications for/in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (FHEQ).

From July 2002 a copy of your transcript (or diploma supplement from July 2006) is provided to you free of charge when you graduate, either on the day of your ceremony or sent to you if you elect to graduate in absentia, you also receive a free transcript if you are awarded a Diploma or Certificate in Higher Education which is posted to your permanent address (PR) held on the University database.


Those students who have graduated from July 2016 onwards will receive a Higher Education Achievement report (HEAR) at the end of their studies, and are therefore not able to order an Official Transcript.  For any queries regarding this please email studentenq@liverpool.ac.uk


Pricing Structure

  • The first copy of your transcript will be charged at £20.00.


  • Any additional copies of your transcript ordered at the same time as your first copy will be charged at £5.00 each.


For example: If you wish to purchase 15 copies of your transcript (1st copy + 14 additional) you will be charged £90.00.


To purchase between 11 and 30 copies of your transcript, see below. If you wish to purchase less than 11 copies of your transcript, please click here.


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